Keratin Treatment


 Reallisse Vegan Hair Smoothing and 

Botox Hair Smoothing treatment    

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If you are a resident of Southwest Florida or just visiting, treat yourself to Andrea's Organic Hair Studio. If you have been toying with the idea of a new hairstyle or organic color, we will give you a beautiful new cut and lush color. The best part is that our products are non-toxic so you can look great, without being exposed to harsh chemicals. Treat yourself to one of our Signature or Spa Manicures and Pedicures your hands will look nice and it's a must to have manicured toenails when wearing sandals. We have a variety of nail polish colors to choose from and they do not contain harsh chemicals like conventional nail polish. Our facilities ensure the most safe and sanitary operations. All our pedicure bowls do not use pipes or jets for circulation. 

Our pedicure bowls are sealed vessels that ward against bacterial growth. We use Zoya and Qtica products. Feeling stressed out or have sore muscles? One of our Spa Massages will melt away stress and soothe your sore muscles. Massage releases a natural feel good chemical in your brain (called endorphins). These "good for you chemicals" help combat the effects of stress and make you feel good. If you are planning a trip to the beach, come see us first for a bikini wax. Or, we can wax your eyebrows into a perfect shape, lip or other areas that need waxing. Waxing is much better than shaving and lasts so much longer. Facials are great for rejuvenating, exfoliating, tightening and for that natural skin glow. We have a variety of organic facials to choose from depending on your skin type and needs. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help improve the look of your skin, naturally. Andrea's Organic Hair Studio and Day Spa is a full service hair salon and health spa. 

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair. It can fill in dry, cracked or damaged areas of the hair cuticle. If your hair is kinky, curly, wavy or unruly, a Keratin treatment is just what you need to get that smoother look.It reduces up to 90% of frizz leaving the hair shiny and incredibly soft. Easier and faster to blow dry.

The images below are clients after a Keratin treatment. Look at their hair after 3 days all they have to do is just shampoo and go. Takes them 10 minutes to get ready now!​


  • 100% Vegan
  • No formaldehyde or aldehyde donors
  • No ph or harsh chemicals
  • Uniquely heat activated
  • Dermatologically tested- no gloves needed
  • works on all types of curl or wave
  • Reallisse- Smooth away frizz and reduce volume for 2-4 months. Faster drying time, dramatically increased styling options

Keratin Treatment